Why You Shouldn’t Look Back

During the holiday seasons and the new year approaching we often look back at what we have accomplished, overcame, and struggled in our past. This can be beneficial to understand what we want to improve, what amazing accomplishments we have done and those achievements we have made. Often thinking about those achievements we’ve made or those we haven’t.

We all think of what new year resolutions, goals, and ideas for our new year might consist of. While I already have my new year resolutions in place for the upcoming year of 2020, it was established through looking back and reflecting on what I plan to conquer over the next 350+ days. This tradition allows people to challenge both themselves and their abilities to make for a better lifestyle, business, and self. When we think of the “new year” we believe that we are given a clean slate to start fresh and focus on the future.

Does reflecting on our past lead to feelings of failure and inability to succeed in the future? If so, does the new year resolution tradition restrict individuals from setting wider sets of goals? Should we look back? Perhaps we simply move forward, keep setting the goals and make those happen. As I type this my big fluffy Henri is sitting at my feet looking up at me with his big brown human-like eyes with utter love and admiration. Does Henri think about the fact I left him at home for 6hrs yesterday while I was at a meeting? The answer is no, he lives in the moment and the next moment. I say we learn something from our furry friend and only look forward dropping off those insignificant meandering thoughts creeping into our minds that inhibit about success moving forward.

Let’s set those new year goals and go get ‘em!

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