What is Reputation Management?

I could talk about this topic for hours, not just because it’s what I love to do, but there is so much involved with it.

Your reputation is all you have. Without it, no one knows about you, so no one will hire you. Alternatively, when you have a bad reputation, people will stay clear of you as though you have an infectious disease.

There used to be a saying “there is no such thing as bad press”. In the business world, bad press or a bad reputation is the death of you and your business. True, you will get a lot of people talking about you and yes, we want chatter about you, however they will be talking about staying clear of you and that won’t turn into getting hired, more sales or more income.

So how do we get a solid reputation?

It’s essentially about growing good, consistent communication with your audience across all your business and personal platforms. Our approach at Brooke Mason Creative is not traditional reputation management, as a clean up service – it’s an ongoing starting point.

Step one: We start by auditing your current situation. Giving you an analysis of how the public views you currently, your flaws, your strengths and suggestions of how to make the changes and the direction you need to go.

Step two: We create your public positioning and voice for your personal and/or business brand. It could be as detailed as how you dress, where to be seen etc.

Step three: We plan and implement kick ass content that will increase your brand growth. Often this is on a monthly basis, curated per month and carefully planned based on the messaging we want your audience to experience.

Step four: We feed the public your new personal and business brand reputation, through social media, website, newsletters, blogs and other creative sources.

Step five: We monitor and track how this is being received, give real data on how it’s all working and revise as necessary.

Step six: Rinse and repeat.

This is not an overnight success story, to do this right takes months. Keep in mind this is just the basics. Your business and personal brand reputation needs to be built on consistency.

My clients are my everything and when they succeed, I succeed. Call me today and let’s talk reputation!

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