Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

With the new year approaching, I believe it is important to reflect on the ways society has grown over the past decade in a number of ways on the topic of gender equality. As a female entrepreneur, I find that the glass ceiling still exists today, stiffling women entrepreneurs from rising.

November is a month to reflect on the many things and to give thanks to. For this month’s post, I wanted to touch on the achievements and progress women have made this past year.

There is no doubt that we have seen major societal shifts in the past decade that have enabled us women to gain more of the power and respect that was once limited. These shifts have been due to various factors, but perhaps the #MeToo movement in the past year is the one that has established a new landscape for women in the workforce and business arena to lead in their roles, progress forward and expand responsibilities. While the #MeToo movement’s mission was to recognize sexual harassment, it has also brought to light other inequalities women face in the workforce and business. While men have dominated the business world for years, there is no better time for women to reshape these traditional ways with help from movements like #MeToo.

As we look into the post-millennial generation, Generation Z (Gen Z), we find that these young individuals are experiencing a world quite different than the generations before them. One where the opportunity to embrace feminism and gender equality is like never before, but that’s to say the road isn’t an easy one.

Taking inspiration from feminists, such as actress Emma Watson who has said, “Women feel like we need permission… We need to lead and change that.” As a female entrepreneur, I can confirm that there are challenges that if a man were running my business, would be different. Also male feminists, such as John Legend, states “We are better off when women are empowered.” It’s my hope that the women entrepreneurs and feminists such as Emma Watson and John Legend can pave a path for the women of Gen Z and beyond by shedding more light on this matter and speaking more actively and openly on these topics.

By looking at some of the successful women entrepreneurs such as Estee Lauder, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington and many others, we can see prime examples of how the rise of women entrepreneurs is in effect. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we need to give thanks and acknowledge the movements and progress made by these brave women and to continue paving the road for women in the future.

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