Who Needs a Brand?

February 21, 2019

A good question to ask yourself is if you need branding. From my last article you will see that a brand is your identity and how people perceive the message you present the world.  So, if you’re asking yourself, if you need a brand? The answer is probably yes.

Before you delve into the quest of getting your brand started I would suggest getting ideas together. You can do so by looking around in your own surroundings and getting inspired by other similar brands. It’s important to look at places that align with your field of interest. Ask yourself what they are up too and how clear is their message? It’s absolutely vital to establish this so you can stand out from the crowd and not get lost in the mix of your competitors. One of the worst things you could do is start to resemble other businesses in your respected field.

Researching is your best friend! You want to immerse yourself in as much information as possible before getting started. Color’s you think you identify with or imagery that means something to you is a great place to begin.

Remember that consistency is key.  Once you figure out your brands core image its best to stay within its guidelines. Any diversion from this structure you have presented will only confuse the general public. And if all this seems totally overwhelming, that’s why we’re here.  Creative agency’s help prepare your brand by getting the ball rolling. It’s a very exciting endeavor and when done right can be a beautiful and fruitful adventure.

Stay tuned for next article: “Minimalism to the Max!”


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