What is Branding?

Many people look perplexed when they hear the word “branding”. What is it? How does it relate to me? It’s the vital make-up of any message you display for the public eye. It’s as detailed as the look, vibe and essence of your business and the way people distinguish between you and everyone else out in the marketplace.

An essential asset is to have a clear-cut brand perspective. The world will recognize you, understand who you are and what you’re about immediately.

So how do you create a clear brand? How does the message to your audience become precise?

It’s not as simple as starting an idea and assuming that everyone will get it. You must start with a plan, a concise strategy. That’s where a creative agency comes into play. I would start with a creating a “branding deck”. This is the nuts and bolts of your brand and will ultimately show people who you are as a brand. Start by developing a color palette, mission statement, verbal and visual messaging, mood boards, verbiage that aligns with the brand and deciphering who your target is. It can be as deep as it needs to be. We take about three weeks to deliver such a deck to our client. It’s very detailed! This becomes your skeleton and makes the message clear going forward.

It’s also essential that your team understands your brands vision. Everyone needs to be on board. Then once you have a distinctive brand the transition into the marketing strategy, advertising and PR is streamline.

Stay tuned for next article: “Who needs a brand?”

Brooke Mason

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