Minimalism to the Max!

The phrase “less is more” has never been more true when it comes to design and having your message be heard. When we try to say too much in our message it gets lost in the shuffle of everyone else trying to stand out. The key is to stay simple: simple graphics, clean logos, and easy to understand interfaces.

I remember my Mother used to say to me “keep it stupid simple”. What she meant was not to complicate things, she was mostly referring to fashion at that time, but her message translates to design and branding as well.

I personally believe in simplicity because it’s classy, understated and clean. I love using lots of negative space to direct the eye and attention toward where you want it. What’s so powerful about branding, design and marketing is we are in charge of the users experience. A well-crafted marketing plan helps intrigue emotion and in turn increase audience participation. Whether that’s in sales, interaction or having people show up, that’s a success.

For example, the most common online user experience for your brand is your website. In my experience with clients, most don’t put enough emphasis on this. It needs to be very functional and well curated.  On the front end it’s your user’s brand experience and on the back end it’s an intricate design of all the fun things we can do to elevate online presence, through SEO, coding etc.

An added bonus of the functionality for simple designs is a faster loading time and lower bounce rate.  I mentioned above, the focus is on the brands purpose and doesn’t get lost in graphics or color.

In the end, it’s important to consult with an expert who understands how you want you message to be received by the audience your targeting.

Stay tuned for next article: “The Influence of Color”

Brooke Mason

w. @bmcreativela

Insta: @bmcreativela

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