What Drives You?

I wanted to write this post for your success and the success of your business. It’s the underlining factor that will make or break you. 

Sometimes we ask ourselves how did that person do it? How did they become so successful and why can’t I get there? There’s no real secret. It takes one main component to get there. I’m lucky to have been very close with some of the most successful people in the world and some of the most intelligent. Around these individuals I am always open ears, like a sponge listening to their stories and their journeys but most importantly, their mindset. They all have one thing in common. It’s one thing that defines them differently from us regular folk or the regular person down the street. They know what drives them. They stick to this and nothing will get in their way. So how do we get to that place of springing out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm and having the dedication and what it takes to be successful no matter what? I can guarantee, it won’t happen partying all night with your friends and sleeping until noon. It’s utter complete dedication… to a fault. 

I believe the first thing is finding out for yourself  what that drive is for you. Asking yourself what drives you?  Being honest with yourself and even if it is counter intuitive to what you grew up believing and what your friends are doing. Standing out from the crowd and losing friends and family along the way could happen. It’s a sacrifice after all and that’s the only way you will get to the place you want. Perhaps there are life lessons in all of that for you. And let’s be real, if you lose a few friends, were they truly your friends to begin with? And family will come around after they see it was all worth it in the end for what you had to do. 

There’s some homework to do. To figure out and own what drives you. What’s your inner most desire and how do you visualize your life to be? Keep it clear in your mind and keep your focus clean.

Keep me posted on how your successes are going!  

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