At Brooke Mason Creative, we handle each client individually whether it’s marketing strategy, websites and social media to awareness campaigns and brand management. Your reputation is everything to us. Working with clients such as The City of Los Angeles, Visit Pasadena, Visit West Hollywood, celebrity actress Tara Reid, and other local businesses, individuals and high profile individuals.  We’ve got the track record to prove our value and experience. Here are some examples of our work below. 

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Kasai Hair

Website & E-Commerce

Working alongside the famous Katsumi Kasai from Kasai Hair, we designed and developed a new e-commerce site for his salon, doubling as a place to book appointments and sell his own product line. We designed his site with a neutral, minimalist brand in mind and instead opted to emphasize the art and elegance of his techniques, salon, and products. We also helped strategize shipping options to maximize profits and save time. In this process we did his photography and videography content for his website and press.

Wicked Bionic

Website & Design

We designed, animated and developed a new website for another agency, Wicked Bionic. To represent the creativity and energy of an agency adapting to the ever-changing landscape of design, media, and tech, we used dynamic, fluid, colorful smoke clouds which can be seen all over the website as banners, graphics, and animations. While it serves as eye-catching for users, it also serves to represent Wicked Bionic’s brand as a creative agency.



Huddle Club

Branding & Website

We brainstormed, designed and developed the branding and website for Huddle Club, a social media advertising agency. Huddle is all about the hustle compared the competitive nature of sports. To get ahead, you need to plan ahead and never lose focus in the game. The branding involves individuals hard at work in various sports, winning; along with dark, sleek colors such as black and gray, and red to symbolize passion and drive.

Whiskey Painters

Branding, Website & E-Commerce

We created the branding and designed the e-commerce website for Whiskey Painters. The feel of Whiskey Painters is rustic, inviting, mysterious and grand. We did the branding deck, style guide, content photography and we want the customers to feel a sense of intrigue and welcome as they visit the site. They should feel part of the essence of this secret society, like going into a speakeasy or being transformed in time. There is a deep narrative and history we created so that Whiskey Painters has depth and culture as a brand. With each second the customer spends on the site, the stronger they will identify with the brand.


Social Media

Finding the right balance between product and people, we helped manage and develop content for Lather, a skincare and wellness product company focusing on natural ingredients to improve the mind and body. We focused primarily on clean, refreshing product shots and of people using products while maintaining a consistent color palette. This resulted in a more cohesive brand identity and a better social media presence.

Tara Reid

Social Media & Brand Management

We managed and improved celebrity actress Tara Reid’s instagram through strategic posting of content that greatly enhanced her overall brand image. Posting regularly and relevant content for Tara, we greatly increased her followers and dramatically transformed her social media presence. We continue to support Tara and her social media presence today by planning and choosing content that people want to see and aligning with her next step as an actress.

Architerra Homes

Marketing Analysis

Conducting in-depth marketing research for Architerra Homes, a residential home builder and real estate developer, we researched, designed, and developed a slide deck pitch compiling our findings and actionable insights. We looked into their competitors in market shares, social media, website, content creation, and ad spend and created an improvement plan for our client to adopt and implement moving forward.